10 Best Craftable Weapons in RUST

10 Best Craftable Weapons in RUST

The 10 Best Craftable Weapons in RUST

RUST can be a brutal and oppressive game at the best of times, let alone if you try and enter into about without the right set of tools for the job. After all, you don’t want to bring a Bone Knife to a gunfight.

Military-grade weapons, such as the SPAS-12 Shotgun and L96 Rifle, are the cream of the crop when it comes to arming yourself, but relying on finding these nuggets of titanic firepower to lead you to victory can be something of a fallacy. If you happen to stumble across a fabled military firearm, by all means, use everything at your disposal to claw your way to the top of the food chain. What you have today you may not have tomorrow, and that’s just life in RUST.

Today, however, we’re taking a look at the best weapons that players can cobble together from the environment and turn into makeshift weapons of war that can take you from a mere survivor to public enemy number one.

Here is our list of the 10 best craftable weapons in RUST:

10. Semi-Automatic Rifle

Semi-Automatic Rifle

Always the bridesmaid but never the bride, the Semi-Automatic Rifle does most things well but doesn’t excel in any particular category. Whether its damage, rate of fire, or magazine size, the Semi-Auto Rifle sits in the middle of the pack in almost every measurable statistic among all of its bullet-firing brethren.

That’s not to say that it is by any means a bad weapon; it’s just that it’s not that great either, and there’s a better weapon for most situations you could come up against. Though, we’d be amiss to mention that the typical RUST wipe cycle operates in phases, and if you get your hands on a Semi-Automatic Rifle in the earlier phase of the wipe, you’re going to be sitting pretty.

The Semi-Automatic Rifle has a decent damage output of 40, a reasonable rate of fire at just over 340 rounds per minute, and a relatively attractive amount of recoil; the Semi-Automatic Rifle is betrayed by the sheer amount of resources needed to bring it to life.

Requiring a Work Bench level 2 and a solid chunk of time investment into scavenging the necessary materials, the SAR is a good weapon for early-to-mid game encounters. Still, you should think twice about whether you’d like to be just a jack in all conceivable trades or whether you’d like to master one.

9. Hunting Bow 

Hunting Bow

  • Resources Needed: 200x Wood – 50x Cloth
  • Additional Blueprints: N/A
  • Work Bench Level: N/A
  • Locations: Tool Box (5% Chance, 100% Condition) – Sunken Crate (3% Chance, 100% Condition)) 

A primal weapon that harkens back to human ancestral skirmishes, this naturalist’s weapon of choice is good for taking out both humans and animals and has many unique features that only add to its viability and secures it amongst the best craftable weapons in RUST.

The Hunting Bow is the tool of engagement for connoisseurs and, in a way, for showmen as well, seeing as it has numerous benefits but with hindering downsides that can be offset to a degree by the skill of the player who wields it.

Being able to be used for short to medium-range flights, the Hunting Bow’s parabolic arc means that you’ll need to lead your shots with a well-trained eye and an experienced hand to land your arrows.

Speaking of arrows, a variety of different types are available, which, if on hand, will allow you to lay on extra damage or engage from farther away, such as the Fire Arrows or High Velocity Arrows allow you to do respectively.

Arrows can also be picked up after use, meaning you can potentially get multiple uses from one piece of ammunition. However, they are susceptible to breaking, so keep more than a couple in your quiver.

It’s not for every situation, but it’s not really built to be. The Hunting Bow, which doesn’t require a blueprint or work bench to be crafted, can be made with common resources found across the game. It’s truly a versatile piece that can be part of any kit. The Hunting Bow has many positives to its name that make it worthwhile, and not to forget; it makes a beautiful stealthy weapon for hunting food or players.

8. Custom SMG

Custom SMG

  • Resources Needed: 10x High Quality Metal – 1x SMG Body – 1x Metal Spring – 50x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Spring
  • Work Bench Level: 2
  • Locations: Supply Drop, Locked Crate, Oil Rig Locked Crate (22% Chance, 100% Condition)

The epitome of the “Run and Gun” mentality, the Custom SMG is the ideal choice for players who don’t look back and are constantly on the move. Sporting an almost ludicrous rate of fire (topping out at 600), this lightning-fast machine gun is balanced out with its low damage output and weak range, thanks to its lackluster bullet velocity.

While its range can be improved by the additions of a couple of attachments, it’s best to use this rather petite gun in small spaces with a devil-may-care attitude. Imposing no movement penalty to the player, one can bob and weave with no restraints, outplaying those that may be sporting a cumbersome firearm and laying on the damage thick and fast with a spray and pray plan of attack.

Another peak attribute of the Custom SMG is its bargain bin cost, making it fantastic value for money (or, in this case, materials). With only a handful of High Quality Metals needed and the relatively common scrap being in abundance in most areas, the Custom SMG won’t break the bank to be made.

You’ll have to weigh up whether it’s worth the investment at your current point in the game or if you should hold out for a more lucrative weapon (if you make it that far, of course).

7. MP5A4


  • Resources Needed: 19x High Quality Metal – 1x SMG Body – 2x Metal Spring – 100x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Spring
  • Workbench Level: 3
  • Locations: Oil Rig Locked Crate (20% Chance, 100% Condition)

A safe bet in almost every shooting game it appears in, the MP5A4 does low to medium damage and has low recoil, making it a great choice in close-range firefights or environments with narrow corridors and tight corners. However, it has one of the craziest spreads of all the weapons in the game, which is by far its biggest downfall.

Sporting a thirty-round magazine and with the ability to add a Weapon Lasersight or Holosight, which offsets this limiting spread of fire to some degree. The MP5 has a very high rate of fire but coupled with a firing pattern that has considerable kick means it is a situational tool that requires skilled target tracking and a steady hand to control it.

Currently, this is the only military-grade weapon that players can craft at the time of writing, as players cannot craft the titans of damage like the M39 Rifle and the LR-300 Assault Rifle from raw materials.

The MP5 is a pretty middle-of-the-road weapon, with no real glaring weaknesses aside from its lack of effectiveness at range. Its utility, combined with its reasonably low resource requirements, makes it an excellent weapon for the early to mid phases of the game. Still, you’ll more than likely come across a better weapon from scavenging higher-tier monuments or have the ability to craft a more powerful firearm by the time you reach the late/end game.

6. Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher

  • Resources Needed: 48x High Quality Metal – 4x Metal Pipe – 80x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Pipe
  • Workbench Level: 2
  • Locations: Oil Rig Locked Crate, Locked Crate (2% Chance, 100% Condition)

Best used when you want to make a big entrance, wipe out a group of scrapping players out all at once or if the word “inconspicuous” is missing from your dictionary, the Rocket Launcher is a staple of video game shooters, and it’s as equally potent in RUST, being as crude and messy as it is recklessly powerful.

One of the optimum choices to go for when assaulting a building or raiding a structure of some kind, the Rocket Launcher is designed to cause panic and bedlam amongst its targets, best used to flush people out of buildings or as a way to kick off a gung-ho encounter.

Shifting a whopping 350 damage, this Bazooka’s Achilles heel is its firing mechanism, only allowing for a single rocket to be chambered at a time. Its reload time goes hand in hand with this, with around six seconds needed to get yourself lethal again. This will leave you incredibly vulnerable should your loud entrance fall on deaf ears, so proceed with caution.

Even in spite of these drawbacks, used in the right circumstances, the Rocket Launcher can take out multiple players in an instant, and its High-Velocity Rockets can dish out even more pain. Incendiary Rockets also create areas of denial with their incendiary effect, giving it another dynamic use.

You also don’t need that many resources to fashion one of these bomb-spouting death dealers, so that’s another shiny feather in its cap. All in all, you’d rather be the one aiming with it than the one being aimed at.

5. Double Barrel Shotgun

Double Barrel Shotgun

  • Resources Needed: 175x Metal Fragments – 4x High Quality Metal – 2x Metal Pipe – 40x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Pipe
  • Work Bench Level: 2
  • Locations: Heavy Scientist (9% Chance, 100% Condition)

Top of the tree when it comes to craftable boomsticks, the Double Barrel Shotgun outperforms its relatives, namely the Pump Shotgun and the Waterpipe Shotgun, thanks to the fact it can one-tap enemies but has another shell on standby if they didn’t get the message from the first buckshot.

The Double Barrel Shotgun is about unadulterated damage. It knows what it wants to do and doesn’t really care about anything else. Putting out a hefty 180 damage with each shell, this two-chambered, hard-hitting shotty is a force to be reckoned with at close range that surpasses its aforementioned sister weapons in the same category by a large margin.

Being so focused on damage, the DB Shotgun is let down by its poor range, minuscule two-shell clip, and its near six-second reload time, allowing players with quick trigger fingers to take you down while you’re exposed.

Fairly light on the materials needed to make it, the Double Barrel Shotgun is a powerhouse if acquired early on, but should be replaced by the un-craftable military-grade shotgun, that being the Spas-12 Shotgun, if you’re fortunate enough to find one.

4. Bolt Action Rifle

Bolt Action Rifle

  • Resources Needed: 28x High Quality Metal – 1x Rifle Body – 3x Metal Pipe – 1x Metal Spring – 110x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Spring – Metal Pipe
  • Work Bench Level: 3
  • Locations: Oil Rig Locked Crate (20% Chance, 100% Condition)

Putting out a deadly dose of damage and having the ability to hit targets with pinpoint accuracy, the Bolt Action Rifle is a very powerful tool to have in your arsenal at any point in the game. Being the top of the list out of every possible bullet shooting weapon when it comes to damage output, it also clocks in at the number one spot with regards to the least amount of bullet spread.

With the addition of an 8x Zoom Scope or 16x Zoom Scope, this lever-action firearm can be frankensteined into a makeshift sniper rifle so you can take down enemies from afar without them even knowing you were there, striking from the shadows to give yourself the best chance of survival and the upper hand in a combat engagement.

Being a long-range weapon, the Bolt Action Rifle is obviously not suited for close-quarters combat and should be paired with a close-range weapon like the Double Barrel Shotgun or an all-rounder like the Assault Rifle or one of the powerful military-grade ARs.

It’s also let down by its very limited clip of just four rounds, and its reload time of five seconds will leave you exposed if you don’t make your shots count. It also requires two additional blueprints to create and a fair amount of resources (plus a high Workbench level).

With all that said, to have a gun that is the literal king of bullet damage in your back pocket is always a good option to have at the ready should you need it. The Bolt Action Rifle is amongst the kings of best craftable guns in RUST.

3. Assault Rifle (AK47)

Assault Rifle

  • Resources Needed: 58x High Quality Metal – 200x Wood – 1x Rifle Body – 4x Metal Spring – 200x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Spring
  • Work Bench Level: 3
  • Locations: Locked Crate, Oil Rig Locked Crate (20% Chance, 100% Condition)

The ultimate all-rounder, the Assault Rifle (AK47), is similar in its concept to the Semi-Automatic Rifle but receives a buff in every area, pushing it from “good” to “great” and making it that much more useful in the process.

Hitting fairly hard with a very satisfying rate of fire (at 450 rounds per minute) and a healthy thirty bullet magazine, the Assault Rifle can engage with targets at almost any range. The Assault Rifle begins to lose its power as it branches into the longer ranges that the Bolt Action Rifle is more comfortable in. Heavy recoil will also plague it at range, but the deadeye marksmen of the world can counter this drawback, as well as the addition of an 8x Scope or 16x Scope.

It does need a variety of resources to bring it into existence in addition to a Work Bench Level 3, but the Assault Rifle is never a bad choice for any player in any situation the game can throw at you.

Owing to the fact that the Assault Rifle needs a lot of different materials to be crafted, it’s more than likely this won’t be available to most players until the later stages of the game (unless you’re very lucky). However, holding onto one once you have it will serve you in good stead against practically any opposition.

2. Salvaged Sword

Salvaged Sword

  • Resources Needed: 45x Metal Fragments – 1x Metal Blade – 10x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Blade
  • Work Bench Level: 1
  • Locations: Tool Box (5% Chance, 100% Condition)

Looking like it belongs in one of the many kingdoms of Tamriel as opposed to the harsh wildlands that RUST takes place in, the Salvaged Sword is often dubbed as the “best” craftable melee weapon by players, and it’s not hard to see why. Landing a strike to the head can take almost any player down in one fell swoop and acts as a fantastic “last resort” weapon that can get you out of the stickiest of situations.

The fact that the blade occupies the number two slot may seem out of place for some, but when it comes to the effectiveness of the weapon (especially in the late game), the Salvaged Sword can really save your bacon and then some. It can literally be the difference between surviving and not surviving in some games.

Doling out a solid fifty damage, this medieval-mechanical combo blade blows other craftable hand-to-hand weapons like the Bone Club, Longsword, and Wooden Spears out of the water. The only other melee weapon that really comes close to challenging the Salvaged Sword is the Combat Knife, which is also very deadly, but it relies on its swing rate to get the job done. The Salvaged Sword taps into your inner knight and gives you the power to slay enemies in one fluid motion.

Being light on the resources needed to craft it, the Salvaged Sword is best kept as an emergency luxury that acts as an insurance policy. You have it in the hope that you won’t actually ever need to use it, but if you do, you’ll be glad it was there.

1. Semi-Automatic Pistol 

Semi Automatic Pistol

  • Resources Needed: 6x High Quality Metal – 1x Metal Pipe – 1x Semi-Automatic Body – 20x Scrap
  • Additional Blueprints: Metal Pipe
  • Workbench Level: 2
  • Locations: Locked Crate, Oil Rig Locked Crate (2% Chance, 100% Condition)

Rounding off our list is a more humble and less bombastic choice than some may have expected, but when it comes to utility and effectiveness, the Semi-Automatic Pistol is almost always a good companion to have in your holster.

Also known as the P250 or just the “P2”, this one-handed pistol is the backup that everybody wants to have. If this gun were to fill an archetype class role, it would be the king of the support class, being the perfect compliment no matter the firearm it was paired with. However, that’s not to say it can’t hold its own if need be.

Pinging out forty damage per bullet and a two times headshot modifier, the Semi-Auto Pistol’s firing rate clocks in at 400 rounds per minute, sports a 0.5 second draw time, a ten bullet clip, and a reload time of just under three seconds. The only actual area the gun is lacking in is that it has substantial damage drop off over distance, but being a pistol, that’s to be expected.

With very minimal materials needed to create it, the Semi-Automatic Pistol is a tantalizing choice for so many players. It does also have High Velocity and Incendiary ammo available, but generally, these don’t boost the stats of the base bullets high enough to warrant their use.

The iron sights also let the gun down but add a laser sight or a Muzzle Break, and you’ll mitigate the downsides to a much more manageable state.

Roundin’ up the best craftable guns in RUST.

And there you have it, our rundown of the 10 best craftable weapons in RUST. Agree or disagree? We’d love to hear your opinions! Come join our Discord community and tell us what your favorite weapon in the game is and why. Even better if you can share some footage of you using it in-game! If you’re looking for another best-of-round-up, be sure to check out the 10 best RUST armor combinations.

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